Town squares

City squares are the place where New Year's eve festivities are usually organized. The holiday decorations need to be adequatly designed to augment the events on that location.

Every such location mandates that we take into account all existing structural specifics of the location and design lighting accordingly. Every design we facilitate is an exclusive wholesome solution, enriching the location with added lighting and if necessary dynamic lighting effects.


Depending on the street lenght and width, we design lighting sets that bridge over the streets.

Our decorations are light because structural components are made out of aluminum, therefore making it possible to construct lighting intems that are very large in size yet light.

The balance of quantity over quality must be individually assesed so that every single street decorative element would be uniquely recognized while keeping the lighting experience rich.


Architectural design and distinctivness of a building greatly influences the design and final visual solution of the holiday lighting decoration.

The great advantage of our building holiday program is that we adapt the shape and size to fit any design case.

Custom lighting decoration production is available by customer's design.


Holiday celebrations and new year eve's festivities are traditionally organized in hotels.

We offer complete decorative lighting solution of the hotel exterior, main entrance and interiors where such festivities would be held.

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